Monday, July 5, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 5

Written by pikaby

This time, new ones have leaked out from a new line of those PVC Pokemon figurines I love so much, including a green Pokemon that might not be genuine. Just look at it. Ew. If this was real, hope the in-game version looks better, or something.

There's definitely better to be had though. We have a Tsutaaja figurine, and a figure of the Pokemon in the character sheet from earlier (next to Jessie). I thought it had insect eyes, but man, I didn't know it would be so CUTE. Holy crap!

Now, tell me that isn't good design. Gen 5 is going to rock!

Now, about Koromori, it's not in one of those PVC figures, but a new Black/White commercial shows its back(adjacent to Tsutaaja). Argh, let us see its face. It's blue though. I had the impression that it would be brown, because it looked so similar to a Kuriboh (from Yugioh)

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