Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Four leaked Pokemon

This was actually leaked a while back...but I wanted to wait for Pokebeach to feature it to confirm that it's for real.

At the end of a D/P Pokemon anime episode, a preview of the Black/White season was aired, it's called Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes. Since everything there corresponds to the above leaked character sheet, this proves that it's not a fake. Ergo, all the new Pokemon in there are also real.

That small bat Pokemon that looks like a fuzzball(above Jessie) is called Koromori.

The one with insect eyes, next to, I can't read it out.

Next to Mijumaru and Tsutaja are their evolutions! Exciting, isn't it? By the way, that Tsutaja is nicknamed...He's called Ivy. Whose is it? Definitely not going to Ash.

The names f the evolved forms of the aforementioned starter Pokemon are also damn hard to make out, for Mijumaru it's Rakono...something. 'Rako' means otter, that much I know, so it makes sense to have it as part of the Pokemon's name.

Oh well, we've got a ways to go before we learn anything really concrete, but drool over the details we have now, eh?

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