Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pokemon Black/White July CoroCoro- All the New Details

Written by pikaby

The ones on the previous blog are leaked, but now that it's all official, let's see the real, clear scans now

First up, a mistake the entire Internet made. Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu have been mixed up, and they should be switched. The gothic woman-like Pokemon is the Celestial Body Pokemon, Gochiruzeru, and the green adorable amoeba Pokemon is the Amplification Pokemon, Rankurusu. Both are Psychic-type.

With that out of the way, let's look at the rest of the scans. Tons of new exciting 5th Gen Pokemon info.

This CoroCoro issue gives us a better look at the mechanics behind triple battles, which add the importance of positioning of Pokemon into the already frantic mix. Pokemon on the left will only be able to hit the opponent's Pokemon on the left and middle, and won't be able to hit the one on the far right, for example. A new Move command during the heat of battle adds to the depth, as you reposition Pokemon and set the up for the best attacking position (and potentially move a weak Pokemon out of the way of a Super Effective move). A new 'Telepathy' ability prevents teammates from receiving damage from friendly fire. More strategy ensues.

Then, the version differences. We already know Reshiram and Zekrom are going to be distributed among the two versions, and there's going to be version specific critters, as usual. From here we see that Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu are used as examples. They're version-specific, alright. Let's hope no one else gets their names mixed up after this.

Oh, and there's the Black City/White Forest version-exclusive locations from before too. But it's not just happening to different cities- even the same city can look different depending on the version you play. Now with so much disparity between the two, it DOES matter if you're black or white.

Notice too. The theme of the whole thing. One is industrialized, the other a more eco-friendly grassy town. One is a city, the other a forest. Zekrom resembles a robot, Reshiram looks less so. Is the balance between nature and man going to be the central theme here?

Then, the wireless features. The local wireless allows you to trade and battle with up to four people, and trades can take place directly from your PC box. No longer have to withdraw them. Convenience!

Passing By involves the sleep mode, if you pass by other players with this mode on you can exchange data. Part of the C Gear, and a feature many other games have already taken to heart, such as Dragon Quest 9.

Check out the pics on the right- that's the Live Caster. A DSi exclusive feature, it uses the inner camera to display your buddies' mugs and you can chat with them (or doodle all over their faces if you want). In-game characters can also use the mode to talk to you, oddly enough.

There's more, but I'll leave that for Part 2. There's just so much to cover!
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