Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin DS3: The 51st Song

Written by pikaby

Officially speaking, Taiko no Tatsujin DS3's songlist has 50 songs. But a hidden password screen hides one more song. What's the song like? "I'm lovin' it". Get the hint now?

To access this bonus content, your DS' mic has to be working smoothly and you'll need to get to Taiko no Tatsujin DS3's password screen. First go to Game Settings then hit Password. Then hit the first option, the sound-based password. The other one is a regular password mode which requires you enter up to 10 hiragana characters, and the passwords for that aren't known yet. For now, proceed to the sound-based one.

Now, allow the DS a few seconds to prepare the mic. Then, play the Youtube video embedded in this blog, and put the volume on high. It takes a few tries, but keep replaying it until the DS gets it right.

This will unlock a new sound, a 'Small Taiko', and right after you'll get a letter with the 51st song in it.

The 51st song is called Papa Mama Mark, and is put under the Variety section (that makes six songs in that genre). If you haven't already figured it out, it's a collaboration song between the Taiko developers and McDonald. The sound used for unlocking the new song comes from a Happy Meal toy drum which makes sounds on contact (as you can see from the video in the link). Cool, eh?

The toy isn't supposed to be out until August, and hackers have known of the existence of Papa Mama Mark since launch, so this Youtube sound method is for the rest of us who can't rip a DS game apart nor live in Japan. Enjoy the song!

Play video on Oni difficulty.

Just the song.
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