Friday, July 30, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- 6 minute commercial, 3 new Pokemon

Written by pikaby

Since I'm too lazy to take my own screenshots, well Pokebeach has them, right? I'll place them here.

Some things we learnt from the video (other than the 3 Pokemon):
  • The cutscenes are lovely
  • White Forest > Black City. It's just so different from all the towns and cities you usually travel to. The Pokemon Center's position is so much more unique
  • Pokemon Musical, a new mode which is most likely the replacement for Pokemon Contests and the current Fashion Case. Up to four Pokemon participate in a song/dance routine. Rhythm minigames- you gotta love them.
  • C Gear is for link-up convenience. Whenever and wherever you are your DS is always connected and you can interact with other Trainers at any time. You'll know where they are in Isshu and they know where you are too. Who needs private time?
  • High Link has a purpose- you play missions in the opposite version's game world, and get rewards for completing them. What's a 'Derudama'? Must be something fun if it's offered as a reward in this manner.
  • Pokemon Dream World and linking up to the Internet. Hopefully does not require insane up-to-date Flash Player.
  • PokeShifter, the replacement for Pal Park. Instead of walking in the grass waiting for Pokemon to pop up, you play a minigame where you throw balls at the six Pokemon hiding in bushes to catch them. Much faster and easier than the old way.
  • Team Plasma (the bad guys, obviously) is confirmed.
Now for the new Pokemon...

Shikijika is the small deer Pokemon in the opponent's corner. Pray this isn't related to Stantler in any way- he was so booooring.

Miruhoggu, the evolved form of Minezumi. Also reveals one more fact- now two wild Pokemon can show up instead of one. If you didn't get enough of double battles in the 3rd and 4th Gen games(in-game trainers who want a 2-on-2 battle are so damn scarce, aren't they?), this will give you an overdose.

And the swan Pokemon below Chiramii, in the official Pokemon Musical art.

Look at the gameplay footage, the more I see the more I want the game right now. I really want to skip importing B/W and wait for the US version, but this is just getting too hard to resist!
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