Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin DS3: All the text passwords!

Written by pikaby

Sourced from a Japanese blog (but don't know how he managed to crack it). The audio password unlocked a new song, and these are the text passwords that let you access all the remaining hidden costumes and sounds in Taiko no Tatsujin DS3. Leaked, they are. Nintendo 5-Star, the blog with the most hidden tricks and tips on obscure Japanese games or your money back. These are noted as spoilers, so importers, take note.

From the Main Menu, hit the Options button, then the Password button, then the second option (text password). Enter the following hiragana.

Password 1: ぱぱぱんだんぱぱぱ

Unlocks Panda outfit

 Password 2: おいもーおいもだよー

Unlocks Yam outfit

Password 3: まっくでみなはっぴー

Unlocks McDonalds outfit

Password 4: うんめいのであいなの

Unlocks Musician outfit

Password 5: ほっぺがおちちゃう

Unlocks Cake outfit

Password 6: ちゃーむぽいんと

Unlocks Ribbon

Password 7:  たいこだけどめかです

Unlocks Mekadon sound



  1. ahhh! ども ありがとう ございます!! たのしいね!!

  2. No, actually. Unless you've been typing them wrongly. You did go to the password menu, right?

  3. I am having so much trouble finding the right hiragana on the board (I am at the password menu). None work ;^ ;

  4. solved! unlike french I had to add the " and ° AFTER

  5. Great job I love the new costumes!