Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zelda: Skyward Sword is set before Ocarina of Time

Written by pikaby

This came from Official NIntendo Magazine spending some chat time with Eiji Aonuma.

“Yes there is a master timeline but its confidential document! The only people to have access to that document are myself, Mr. Miyamoto and the director of the title. We cant share it with anyone else! I have already talked to Mr. Miyamoto about this so I am comfortable in releasing this information – this title [Skyward Sword] takes place before Ocarina of Time. if I said that a certain title was ‘the first Zelda game’, then that means that we cant ever make a title that takes place before that! So for us to add titles to the series, we have to have a way of putting the titles before or after each other.” - Eiji Aonuma

I get a brain freeze everytime I think of Zelda games being in chronological order, but this could be the start of something more stable.
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