Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nintendo 5-Star SummerCon Update 2

Written by pikaby

It's mid-July, that means we're halfway done with this year's SummerCon! Most of the major contests are either not accepting any more participants or has already ended, but don't fret! There are always a few more that you can still jump in at any time. And the new member promotion is and will be on till the end of August, so newbies will not be left out, I assure you!

User War Meme Edition

A hurt and heal match between 15 users! Or, it would be 15, had game master CRAZ1ah not left a blank space there. Yep, there's room for one more warring type to jump in. Want to be the 16th person in this meme slap-a-thon?

Kill Mechachick 2: The Return of God

Basically, harp on a giant robot with all the creative attacks you could possibly think of! Headed up by newly-promoted moderator Crossburn, and open to all.


An RP (role-play) game led by forum co-admin DestinyGuy. Look forward to it in mid-August!
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