Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature- Reasons for Delay

Written by pikaby

If I have fans out there who are sorely missing my weekly Flipnote Feature (come on, I know you're out there, comment if you have to), there's really no special reason why I stopped making them for a full month other than how busy I've been. Between running the Nintendo 5-Star's forum, which is still arguably the main component of the site, and juggling the rest of my free time between preparing to go to university, Photoshopping, and other sites, I'm always fully booked even if you give me three hours straight in front of the PC.

Although I'm not averse to a little bit of lurking now and then, heheh. Procrastination FTW. Anyway, I'll give my promise, you lot will see another Flipnote Feature by the end of this week. I swares it! (typo intended, grammar nazi types)
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