Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomena Sanner

Written by pikaby

Oh Japan, why you so crazy? I've only just found this out through this week's Nintendo Week show, but it's been out in Japan since last year. Guess it's never too late to catch up.

The typical Japanese crazy is injected in the story. I'll let the official site explain it best.

'Business man Hitoshi Susumu is behind schedule and is in quite a rush. In fact, he won't stop once he starts to run! Dashing past samurais, T-Rexes, cowboys, and all manner of wacky obstacles Mr. Susumu must get to the goal as fast as he can for the ultimate 2D dance party.'

It's all a bit like Bit.Trip Runner. You have to press buttons at the perfect timing with the music to avoid obstacles. And where Dance Dance Revolution gave out 'Good!' and 'Great!' for hitting notes in time, this one goes one further with an emphatic 'GREEEAT!' Worth buying alone just to see how many 'E's they can add to that word.

Out now for 500 Wii Points.
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