Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pokemon Black/White July CoroCoro- All the New Details, Pt.2

Written by pikaby

Eh, couldn't finish the feature yesterday, so I'll continue today. The rest of the scans relate to connectivity and online modes.

The core of Pokemon B/W's new online gimmicks stem from a single Pokemon- Musharna, which is Munna's evolution. Once you obtain Musharna and get its 'Dream Smoke' (note the pink stuff coming out of its head), you can upload your game save file to the Net ( and do a few other things which I'll explain later).

The 'C Gear' which we heard of in the early scans has all the Wi-Fi and local wireless options for linking up. It's probably more convenient than having to stop by a Pokemon Center to link up. Why didn't they think of this earlier?

The 'White High Link' thing we saw last month involves something very Animal Crossing-like, you can go to another player's Isshu region and travel with them together. Gee wonder how that'll work. It should be interesting if both sides are using opposite versions. Gee, then what happens when two White versions get involved in this? The High Link building is at the very center of the Isshu region.

Now here comes the interesting bit:

Musharna's Dream Smoke hold Pokemon's dreams, and unlocks your ability to upload your save file to a website (presumably run by Nintendo). This is called Global can use this feature to battle random trainers online.

The other cute feature about the Global Link is the World of Dreams.While your Pokemon sleep they get a special room to play in and make friends with other Pokemon online. Minigames are played. (hey, they had to find a better replacement for the dismal Pokemon Square in Platinum). Friends your Pokemon make in the dream world can be taken back to the real world, which you can then capture. What a way to trade Pokemon- you don't have to set up a time or place, just let your Pokemon go to sleep! This is amazing, wonder if it works for legendaries? Probably not.

Now is that just crazy or what? This is so far, without doubt, one of the best and most comprehensive efforts Pokemon has made in online play.
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