Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pokemon Black/White- Victini

Written by pikaby

Just a few hours ago the mysterious orange Pokemon that was shown at the end of the Zoroark movie ( all credits go here~) has been named in this week's Pokemon Sunday. It's a legendary Pokemon, called Victini, which plays on the word 'victory'. Oddly its Pokedex entry is before Tsutaaja in the Isshu Dex. You know what that means?

#000. The MissingNo. number.

I don't know why they decided to put Victini there, but it  doesn't fit anywhere in the Pokedex, its entry slotted on the very upper end on the edge of the screen. That probably means something special, although it doesn't look nice.

See how out of place it is? Again, I still hope there's another 'cute legendary', because Victini doesn't do it for me like Manaphy did. Still, better than when I first saw it though.

Pokemon Sunday also revealed the method to obtain it, and it's probably the easiest out of any promo legendary to get ever. Right from Pokemon B/W's launch in Japan you'll be able to download a 'Liberty Ticket' to get a Victini over Wi-fi.

Will we see Victini in a future movie? I guess only time will tell, since we don't know any more about Victini, its species name, its Pokedex entry, its type, or its moves.


  1. I like how it's playing "Black or White" by Michael Jackson in the background.

  2. Hm? Wow, I never noticed it till you mentioned it :P That is so appropriately cool.