Monday, July 5, 2010

Miyamoto to make new character!

Written by pikaby

In direct quote to him from one of his meetings (gee, Nintendo and gamers in general treat his words like gold, heck, more valuable than gold):

- "I get more ideas when I'm busy, and with that meaning, this is an extremely good condition now."
- "Amongst the present promises, I have to finish Pikmin quickly, so production is progressing extremely well."

Well then, as long as you're still working on it we can avoid calling you lazy. Not that you've ever churned out any duds. We trust you.

- "For Nintendogs, which we announced at E3, cats will appear this time. Recently, I've been taking care of cats. I'm often asked about my interests, but the CEO has told me to if possible not speak about this as the theme of my next game would be known externally. About one year back, I started talking about cats, and right according to schedule, it was announced. We'll soon be completing Nintendogs + Cats, which features cats. Also, I'm still full of energy. Recently, I've been doing a lot of things -- continuing to work hard at swimming, for instance, and also having exchanges with school kids, doing such things a serving on a neighborhood youth guidance committee.

Hands up for whoever thinks one of his future games will be based on school life. Maybe he'll make something that makes Surviving High School look like crap. Oh wait, it already is crap. Miyamoto has nothing to worry about then.

"I think that next year I can probably deliver something new. I'm still active on the development scene, so please look forward to [my output]. It's been nearly 10 years since I made the Pikmin character, so I feel this is the year where I must at long last make a new character. This is as far as I'll answer today."

At long last, a new Nintendo IP, or a hint at it, anyway. Could this be the breakthrough they need? In any case, I'd be extra happy if the character turns out to be as cute as the Pikmin are. Hey, I love cute.
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