Friday, July 23, 2010

Pokemon Black/White Gameplay Videos

Written by pikaby

If anything's big news right now, it's Pokemon. New footage from shows the opening scenes. Lovely! You're with your two rivals, Belle and Cheren. You receive a package containing 3 Pokemon from Prof. Araragi, then the ensuing battle(s) wrecks your room. Boy, I'm not going to clean that up. The starters' cries all sound like farting noises, especially Pokabu's...god dammit. Cheers all around for high-quality close-up sprites. If there's more like this I would be so happy~ What I'm not happy about is how laggy everything is...or maybe I'm just imagining things and the player has the text speed set to 'Slow'.

This video is battles galore, showing all the Pokemon we know up to now and a few of the new attacks, and ways to display the Pokemon's abilities. Rankurusu isn't affected by the sandstorm (Dustproof). Mamepato's defense won't drop (Pigeon Breast). Meguroko's attack goes up when he KOs someone. It doesn't show a triple battle though, and everything moves at a treacle pace....can't they speed things up? This is not the pace at which I want to do random Pokemon battles.

Other notable changes include the music changing when your Pokemon reaches low HP, and the moving sprite slows down. Good! Also, random camera angle changing for no reason. Games don't do that kind of erratic movements, which might suggest that you'll be able to move it around as you wish while standing by (in multiplayer)

Oh, also a bit of Hiun City at the end. Note the perspective shifts.
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