Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Smash Bros Brawl and Monster Hunter Tri meet...

Written by pikaby

Some pretty amazing crossover is created. THIS is why texture hacks exist in Smash Bros. Brawl!

A bright spark has replaced the Final Destination stage with the ship you ride on in 'The Festival of Fear', an urgent quest found online in Monster Hunter Tri. Good choice, this is one of the most epic quests in the entire game, featuring one of the most epic boss encounters in the game, the elder dragon Jhen Mohran. Seen the trailers? You know how massive it is. One of the music tracks in Brawl(this guy chose Pictochat) has also been replaced with the track that plays in the Jhen Mohran fight.

The texture hack can be downloaded from here, but don't ask me how to make it work, I'm not that great at hacking Wiis.

Come on now. Tell me this isn't the most amazing thing you've ever seen. Jhen Mohran is animated in full in the background, but it doesn't pose any hazard to the fighters in the foreground, and not enough effects on the moving sand. Nevertheless, one of the best hacks ever made for Brawl. Game enough to try?
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