Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 6

Written by pikaby

A movie teaser for the 14th Pokemon movie, featuring Reshiram and Zekrom, and a leaked copy of the latest CoroCoro magazine shows even more news! All images from

Where to begin...firstly, the Pokemon B/W ad shown during the movie screening in Japan. Pokebeach actually covered that- impressive lot.

On the left, a new Pokemon next to the pigeon, Mamepato. This one is called Minezumi...more on that later. On the right, the first front-sprite of Moguryuu, which we've seen sometime last week.

This however, isn't as clear. Who is this unnamed Pokemon? This better be good- it looks like a Digimon ripoff. Exact color scheme as Patamon too.

Now, the CoroCoro scans.

First scan shows the green Pokemon we saw in the unnamed screenshot last week . Its name is Gochiruzeru, derived from 'cell'. As in, a body cell. Cute! I like him already. The eagle Pokemon is Wooguru, and one of its attacks, Free Fall, is new. The woman-like Pokemon next to Gochiruzeru (argh, just look at this shot and all will be clearer) is named Rankurusu.

Second scan shows Musharna, Munna's evolution. Again, it's pretty cute. I've got a lot to like from Gen 5. There's a secret to Musharna, something about Dream Smoke, but not much is known beyond that. You get something called a 'Game Sync'. It has something to do with uploading your save file to the Internet, and Musharna is involved. Wow.

Third scan shows more Pokemon, most notably the green Larvitar like Pokemon, Kibago, then finally the front part of Koromori (geez, it's much creepier than I thought), and official art of the generic rat Pokemon from earlier, Minezumi.

In other Pokemon B/W news...

Version-specific locations are introduced. Black City will be in one version, while the other gets White Forest. The shots don't do much to excite, but I'm sure they'll be better looking once the game is out.

And then some details on triple battles. The position of Pokemon in these battles are taken into account now. Depending on who is in the middle and in the front of your party, the way attacks hit will change, so switching your Pokemon's positions based on battle strategy becomes the main point of triple battles. Cool? Yep.

The DSi will now have a "TV Transceiver" feature (not for the old DS or DS Lite). You can use its camera to talk to friends that you have exchanged friend codes with using "Live Caster." Locally you can talk to up to four people, and over Wi-Fi only two. This may or may not be a Black and White-exclusive feature.

Oh man, they're finally using some DSi-exclusive features! The camera on the front is involved too! Who needs webcams?
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