Thursday, June 17, 2010

Animal Crossing for 3DS

Written by pikaby

Well it wasn't exactly on show floor but there were screenshots of the upcoming Animal Crossing game for the 3DS. So much for that launch game rumor. Check out these shots.

There's no shot of the bottom screen yet, but this is different from the DS AC game, Wild World, in that the action takes place on the top screen instead of the bottom, and your characters look a lot less cute. They're taller and not the chibi figures from before....Darn. Come on, Nintendo! What happened to the cute? Bring it back!

Other than that, there's......not much change for this Animal Crossing. The flowers, neighbors, furniture, even the rocks and flowers look exactly the same. This will have to do some serious upgrading to impress anybody already worn out by the Wild World template.
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