Friday, June 4, 2010

How would you counter-argue these?

Written by pikaby

When fanboys go wild, they do go wild. I'm not naming anyone, but I picked this out from a degrading Super Mario Galaxy 2 user review. It's so obvious doesn't even know what Mario games stand for and what purpose they serve, he just wants it to be the same style as Call of Duty and have the exact same kind of standard, even though they're worlds apart in terms of gameplay experience.

Below are snippets of the guy's review (score 3.5/10). Remember, no names, so no hate mail to me, please! To gamers out there, how would you respond and counter-argue his review?

The awful bee suit makes an un-welcome return as well

Eh? As far as I know this was one of the best-loved suits in the original. I'm just glad Spring Mario didn't show up for more than a couple of stages. Another obvious reason why this review wasn't done in all honesty and with due respect to the game,

The story is the same as all other Mario games and what little voice acting that was found in the first game is all but lost in SMG2

Does it really matter? Tell me, has story ever mattered in a Mario platform game? Ever? And voice acting for Hotel Mario? Mario would be better off mute, as is the case with most of Nintendo's other mascots.

So it's a game that can be beaten in 1 weekend and any game that can be beaten in 1 weekend with no online play should never get a 10/10

Short games=/= bad games. Some games which are 10 times as long fall flat on its face too by dragging on too long. And it's not short. Remember, Halo 3 can also be beaten in a weekend, but I doubt this prick will bash it the same way he bashes Mario Galaxy 2.

Online play for a platformer Mario? I almost fell out of my seat laughing at this. This is utterly ridiculous. Reference to nearly all major shooter games that has online play. But Mario is not a shooter game. It's completely different. From a genre standpoint, online play is completely unneccesary and may even prove a hindrance.

It takes a bit longer if you collect all the stars but it doesn't work that way and most people aren't going to do that.

Earth to fanboy. You know how many people got all 242 stars in both Galaxy 1 and 2 already? More than you'd imagine, I suppose.

How would you react to the above statements about Mario Galaxy 2? I'd like to hear 'em.

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