Friday, June 18, 2010

Zelda Skyward Sword gets swordfighting just right

Written by pikaby

You can thank Wii MotionPlus for that. There are actually posters lining the walls of E3 detailing the controls of the game. It's a big reveal. Look! A less fiddly item selection screen, which makes up for the reduced number of assigned buttons. A much easier to use bow and arrow, with a good crosshair, unlike Twilight Princess' comparatively anorexic effort. Precise sword swings with the MotionPlus. It's all good, and already it looks like a better game to be playing than Twilight Princess. I yawned past the TP trailer when it first come out- for some reason this one grabbed my attention more.

Below are the aforementioned posters (image from Kotaku)

And look! Another demo video. I'll leave it to you to check out the fluid, improved build of Skyward Sword then. For once, a Zelda that gets the masses excited. Wait, doesn't every last one of them? Maybe it's just me

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