Saturday, June 19, 2010

NIntendo 5-Star SummerCon Update 1

Written by pikaby

Think I was going to forget about Nintendo 5-Star's SummerCon after the madness that was E3? Hah, I don't forget things that easily. E3 was only part of the 3 month celebration of all things to do with forums. Currently since the Ranger Guardian Sign contest only got a few entries I'll extend the contest date to the end of June, so if you still haven't drawn a line to symbolize one Pokemon, do it now, and win!

With E3 behind us the forums are going nuts and our Annual Summer Posting Contest is underway at Nintendo 5-Star! The top three guys who post the most messages in a week gets a unique prize of some sort. It's already going crazy, so if you want in now's your chance!

At the same time, Crossburn's Kill Mechachick game and CRAZ1ah's User War (hurt and heal between forum members) have both started, ensuring a grand ol' time for visitors of our Events board. And toadster101's Video Game Survivor is starting to accept submissions, starting today too!

We're making June a crammed, crazy month, so come join us!
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