Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Written by pikaby

First earth-shattering Wii game at E3.

The long, long wait for all Kirby fans is over! And remember, Nintendo 5-Star was formerly a Kirby fansite, so this is great news for all of us. Wonder what we would have done if we were still Kirby 5-Star? Anyway, Kirby's Epic Yarn, the first game to come out of Sakurai's new workstation, Sora, is not in any way related to the 'Kirby Wii' everyone's been keeping an eye out for 5 years but never came to fruition, but nevermind that now, this is way better. Kirby and the world around him looks so much more adorable in the cloth/thread like graphical style!

Coming Fall 2010 for Wii, which means we'll all finally have another console Kirby platformer (since the N64 days) to cosy up to. Finally. Thank you, Nintendo!
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