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pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - June 6, 2010

Written by pikaby
 GAH! I am so busted today. This was supposed to go up yesterday! Stupid me being busy...Anyway, forget about that, enjoy this week's Flipnote Feature! Which ones will I be featuring today?

This week, it's a good three-episode long Flipnote with Mario and co. in it! Made by Kevin, and a good little masterpiece, which makes for some great entertainment. And it's perfect, popular enough to get much attention, yet not popular enough to spawn notorious clone spin-off flips. Also helps too that this series of flipnotes is locked from editing. Anyway, the screenie above shows part 1. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi arrive at Gelato Beach (remember Mario Sunshine? Of course you do). Bowser comes to crash the party and wants to make the entire island his own private resort! Well isn't that a refreshing change of pace for the spiny lump. Luigi gives away the fact that the four of them know what Bowser's up to, and all hell breaks loose.

PC viewers can go here:

While DSi owners can use this command code: Left down down R left R X up down right

Moving on to Part 2 of the Mario vs. Bowser series! Note too that these sprites are not from sprite sheets. You can tell, right? The Koopalings are less refined than an actual game sprite...these are custom made. Painstaking effort, but it worked out.

In starts a fast-paced (and I really mean fast) brawl between the foursome and all the Koopalings. And speaking of Brawl, a few sound effects were brought over straight from SSBB itself. And since when was Peach this crazy powerful? You would've think with that kind of strength she'd work on getting kidnapped less often. Quite an exciting battle to watch, a lot going on at any one time per frame too. It ends with Bowser finally getting an advantage over Mario. Will Mario survive? *author asks for stars to continue to part 3, for motivation's sake* Hey if no one's watching or shows any signs of appreciating your work why would you continue? Well it got the attention it deserved, so all is fine.

PC owners witness the epic battle at:

And DSi users use this one: A right left B up L A Y L A

And here we have Part 3! Mercifully short (some longer ones usually get left aside halfway because the author was half-hearted. Not kevin though- some other people), and an expected ending. How can Mario NOT survive a battle with Bowser? Bursting out of the ground with a cape, Mario single-handedly smashes the entire Koopa parade back to Bowser's Castle (and leaves them with a nasty present). Pretty fine ending, though part 2 was better by a long shot. That's probably just me though.

Kevin's amazing three-parter each have at least 60,000 stars to their names, and lots of green ones. Keep up the good work!

PC users, peep the last part of the trilogy here:

DSi users will conclude their tale here: Down left R left X right X A up right

Well that was fun. And pretty late too- I'd better make a note to myself to prepare in advance this time. Expect a great flipnote feature next week! And until then, see you on the next frame!

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