Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jett Rocket is released!

Written by pikaby

One of our mod team has got his hands on it, so we'll probably see a review from him sooner or later.

And from the looks of early gameplay videos by people who have played it already, the similarities to Mario Galaxy just don't stop. The graphics are pretty much Galaxy standard, which is really, really surprising for a Wiiware game, and when you start a level you're treated to the same style of fly-by of the stage you're in with the camera zooming in to the main objective. Just like....guess what....Mario Galaxy.

Jett Rocket's a platformer, like Mario Galaxy. He has three hearts, just like Mario in Mario Galaxy. The only thing really that separates the two is the less charismatic character you control in this game, but hey, how many Mario-caliber mascots do you get in 20 years time?

Many are hyping this up to be the Wiiware game of the year. Let's see what happens when the critic scores start pouring in for Jett Rocket. One to look out for. And it's on the shop now for 1000 Wii Points.
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