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pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - June 20, 2010

Written by pikaby

Ah, hello again! While I was flipping through Flipnote Hatena I discovered the weekly featured flipnote artists section. It piqued my interest, so I thought I'd share. So, which flipnotes will I be featuring today?

Well, this week's featured artist, according to the website, was 'fanatics' from the Japan region of Flipnote Hatena.  His name comes from his love for Nintendo, and he's also a big fan of the Flipnote Studio software. Rarely do you see so much passion for making animated time-wasters, or making them as real pieces of art and not just for stars. Speaking of which, one of his flipnotes is based off that idea , which is the one you see above you, called Happy Star and Dark Star.

Through a cute animation, it explains the difference between hard-earned stars and those earned by dubious means (lame spinoffs, star beggars, art thieves). Hatena would surely be a better place if everyone took his advice.

It's in Japanese, but thankfully there's a translation for it:

In everyone's heart
there is an angel and a devil
they both live inside of you
"I'm an angel" / "I'm a devil"
Angels are the good part of everyone's heart
Devils are the bad part of everyone's heart
Please watch some happy Flipnotes,
and add stars!
The stars that you add
are happy stars that are carried by angels
A happy star is…
Fantastic, happy, a warm feeling, a smile, calming interesting, cute, thankfulness
Filled with all kinds of happiness
For this reason, people who receive happy stars,
even if they receive just one star, they will feel extremely happy,
"Trick to make 2 colors", "How to add stars fast", "Add stars if I'm cute", "Free DSi Points", "Stolen Flipnotes"
Please have some morals and don't copy other people's work...
Don't post violent or obscene Flipnotes that are against the rules…
Don't add stars to your own Flipnotes...
The stars that you add to those kinds of Flipnotes
are the dark stars that are carried by devils
Dark stars are
Lies, tricks, annoying, deceitful...
They mean nothing
They are stars that have no meaning at all
No matter how many dark stars you collect
You'll never become happy and just waste your time
The stars that you add,
What kind of stars are they?
The stars that you receive,
What kind of stars are they?

What a meaningful way to separate the good, creative users from the scumbags you usually see around.

Watch it on PC here:

And on DSi here(if you have a Japanese system): Left A down B A Y down down X L

I'm pulling in all three flipnotes featured on Hatena's blog by fanatics here. Here's the next one!

 Simple animation showing a girl witch transforming into a cat and using a magic spell, thus explaining the 'witch' part of the title, and it loops seamlessly too. A paper-thin idea, but executed like a professional animator. This black silhotette has ten times the personality of all those Japanese 'music videos' with a picture of a character and ONLY HIS/HER MOUTH is animated. This guy really pours his heart into making these things! Kudos to you!

'fanatics' says most of his flipnotes were inspired by TV commercials, songs and other people's works. A true artist.

Watch it on PC:

Or here if you're on a Japanese DSi: L B A up B B left R Y left

Now, the last one uses a photo for the flipnote, but is also done in a very professional style:

This one is apparently titles 'creeping drop', and uses a photo of his house sink to great effect, featuring a moving drop of water and some other abstract things. It's short, but absolutely bursting with originality not seen in a million other flipnotes on the site. You don't see many people pulling off tricks like these with a photo, no. Also became the recipient of tons of attention ever since 'fanatics' received the site can see a lot of English comments by people from other regions- they were impressed too!

Want to see it? It's here:

Or on a Japanese DSi: R right up A L X down X A R

Alright, that about wraps it up for this week! Since the artist feature is also done on a weekly basis, I may feature those artists' flips on this space from time to time, so do stay tuned! Until then, see you on the next frame!
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