Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mario Kart saves boy's eyesight

Written by pikaby

Okay, now this is nice.

A British youth overcame what is called "lazy eye syndrome" thanks to a doctor's prescription of Mario Kart DS, restoring his right eye from "near blindness" to a 250 percent improvement.

At age 5, Ben Michaels was diagnosed with ambylopia in his right eye, which results in a steady decline in vision in that eyeball. Untreated he would have gone completely blind in it. His doctor, however, told Ben to play Mario Kart DS with an eye patch, which trained the "lazy" one to work harder and thus to improve.

Ben was actually prescribed to play games to cure his eyesight? And after all those times mom tells us to stop playing games because it ruins eyesight. Rather ironic, isn't it?

Source: Kotaku
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