Sunday, June 13, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - June 13, 2010

Written by pikaby

 Another week, another three flipnotes put in the limelight for your entertainment, that's the weekly Flipnote Feature! Which ones will I be showing off today?

First one, I'm guessing most of you in the US would have known about it already, it's the BP oil spill that caused so much controversy as of late, and presented in the world of Mushroom Kingdom. For bringing tragic current events and gaming together takes a lot of creative thinking sometimes. Heck, this is the perfect match for the current situation. Very nice!

Oh, my stance on the BP oil spill? Course I want it cleaned up too, that's what everyone wants. Made by flipnote creator Ryan, and for his efforts got tons of colored stars, including one blue star.

PC users, glance the flipnote here:

And DSi users here: X right Y left down left L X right R

Now off to a less grim-looking flipnote!

Burst with snacky happiness? Who else other than the adorable Hungry Lumas from Mario Galaxy? I was just commenting on them a few days back when I first got Mario Galaxy 2 too. Anyway, the connection between stars on Hatena and star bits in the real game is pretty thinly-veiled, so you might misunderstand it as a star-begging flip at first, but man, does that Luma win you over! Also note that the original intention for this wasn't to beg for stars either.

It has 30,000 stars now on Hatena. When will it transform? That's up to the creator to decide!

PC users, feed the Luma!

DSi users feed it more easily here! Left Y L B R L down X A X

And on to the third one!


Remember this? An old advert for some Wario game (rejig my memory, I kinda forgot what it exactly was already), hypnotizing its way onto Flipnote Hatena. But no, I won't fall ag.....oh, what is your wish, my master?

Done by JackAttack, and for being such a splendid flipnote rendition of the original ad, gets tons of colored stars. Lots of red ones and a blue!

PC users embrace Wario here:

While DSi users use this code: Down X right R right down B A B L

So, how was today's feature? I sure hope you guys had fun today. Untl next week! See you on the next frame.
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