Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pokemon Sunday shows more footage of 5th Gen games

Written by pikaby

Watch and drool, Poke-fans! Although most of whatever's here has already been shown in CoroCoro a week earlier, we never saw them moving, right? (that's Pokemon dedication for you- even the tiniest bit of news gets the internet rumbling). But seriously, the moving footage is far better than you'd expect them to look. It's definitely leagues ahead of what we've ever seen in a Pokemon game so far.

There's a building drenched in honey (believed to be a Pokemon Gym, but I don't want to jump to that conclusion just yet), a vast desert wracked by sandstorms, and then Hiun City is shown with a moving bridge. Lots of battle scenes ensue, with Zorua pitched against Zoroark. That's a bit unfair towards Zorua, to be honest. A new attack learned by their evolution line, Night Burst, looks exactly like a Dark Pulse attack, although I don't know much of the details yet. And you already know that Pokemon animate even when not attacking, right? They still animate in the status screen!

I hope there's no lag in the battle scenes given how much more is going on, but looks like steps have been taken to reduce the amount of time spent in text boxes. Stat reduction and recovery animations still need to be cut down though. Maybe performance issues will be ironed out in the third version, like Platinum did for the 4th gen games.

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