Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 4

Written by pikaby

Hot on the heels of the last update I made yesterday comes another flurry of Pokemon related news, with eight new Pokemon shown! How was this shown? Well, the previous video cut off at the middle. This is the remaining part and combines with the first one to make a whole. Watch!

There's a usual cheap part after the actual video with a slideshow of screenshots and some music, you can stop watching after that XD

Anyway, the new bits we now know for sure from the video shown above...

Triple battles have ben confirmed. God, as if 2-on-2 didn't lag the DS enough to begin with. Things will be getting even more intense now.....hope B/W has fixed performance issues to keep up!

From here we see one of the 8 new Pokemon, Moguryu. Looks like a badger, or a mole. Either way, it digs through the ground (or so I think).

Four more in this screenshot. Wow, they're generous at giving news away today...all look like evolved forms of previous Pokemon, though yeah, I know, they look freaky on first sight, but they exist, so deal with it.

On the opponent's side are Ononokusu (left) and Doryuuzu (right), and the player's side are Desukaan (left) and Denchura (right)

Three more Pokemon which are not named yet on the screenshot below:

I like that green thing. Reminds me of my favorite wyvern in Monster Hunter Tri, Gigginox. Okay so they don't hold much resemblance to each other except for the blobby look and green color, but whatever.

There's a new area called the White High-Link. Cool way to change clothes there (the main character). I can only assume this has something to do with Wi-Fi.

That should be all for now. Damn I really need to go find out more about the new online features. Don't wanna get left out~
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