Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Written by pikaby

Remember this a year ago? It's finally come to light this E3, like everyone expected. But not quite in a way which everyone expected either.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword doesn't look anything like the ultra-realistic Twilight Princess, nor does it try to make it even more realistic. The graphics for Skyward Sword sit perfectly in between Twilight Princess and the cel-shaded, colorful Wind Waker. Good move on Nintendo's part, realistic-ness DOES get plenty boring after a while (just ask toadster on our boards), and the Zelda formula needs a fresh new change.

Out goes broody, dark, pale-colored old Link from Twilight Princess, in comes a fresher, greener, more familiar face, a detailed version of the old N64 Ocarina design.

A perfect fit, just the right amount of color without making Zelda too saccharine (Wind Waker graphics wouldn't work on a non-chibi version of Link after all), MotionPlus controls and a grand-looking overworld. Everything Zelda fans have ever wanted is finally here....probably. Nothing else is knonw about Skyward Sword at the moment apart from the info given in the trailer....and the few pieces of equipment atr just about the same as in any other Zelda.

I see a bow and arrow, a hookshot, and bombs. One or two new things there, but nothing that comes as a huge surprise.Only one button is assigned to an item instead of three, and the emphasis this time is very much on swordplay with MotionPlus, and the Nunchuk used for other movements like a shield bash. It's all very simplified compared to what Zelda fans are used to, but it might be for the better.
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