Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Racing Kart accessory for the Wii

Written by pikaby

After the bowling ball and the head mounted Wiimote controllers, I was sure nothing could out-weird them. Boy was I wrong.

An inflatable racing kart? Oh. My. God. This would work wonders in a Mario Kart Wii match, I tell you. You either sit in the cart and put in your Wiimote or you use the in built steering wheel to control your racing games....what?

The kart supports up to 300 pounds of weight and "is like taking the arcade home without leaving the safety of your living room", according to the advertiser. Nope, no arcade here. Move along, people.

Brilliant nonsense, and a completely pointless peripheral, unless you want to look dumb while playing with four people. Though, if you had four of these latex space-wasters lying around your house, well, you are made of money (they're $39.99 each) and have been completely ripped off.

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