Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kid Icarus rises once again

Written by pikaby

In an epic franchise revival, a slightly familiar face pops out in a clear blue sky, before flying off at top speed. 'Sorry to keep you waiting!' he says, in a tone that would make Mr. Cool Hedgehog- that'd be Sonic- jealous. Witness the revival of Kid Icarus, in his new game Kid Icarus Uprising!

This trailer was released in day one of E3 2010 amidst some grand fanfare. It's a lot of things in one- it's a character which almost no one knew about before Smash Bros Brawl, making it the perfect candidate for Nintendo to bring back to life, it's Kid Icarus' first game in more than fifteen years, it's also formerly known as Project Sora, which we heard back in the beginning of 2009. And it's the Nintendo 3DS' flagship launch title.

As a launch title it looks almost like the perfect opportunity for showing off the 3D magic the console can pull off, just like Mario 64 did for polygonal 3D graphics. Kid Icarus Uprising is a flying/shooting game, with Pit protecting cities from the forces of the underworld. Watch the trailer and at some points it's almost like a Sin & Punishment game, dodging projectiles in epic fashion. Tone-wise he's Nintendo's answer to Sonic, sporting a voice full of the same 'attitude', and a humongous fan following.

Even though I don't count myself among the fans of Pit (please don't hurt me), this looks like a competent game with great graphics(a guy at the Nintendo 5-Star forum mistook this for a Wii game!), and I'll be sure to try it out. Man I can't wait. Bet you can't either.
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