Friday, June 18, 2010

Mario Kart 3DS

Written by pikaby

Whew, now that E3 is over and things have calmed down a bit I might just go ahead and recap all the screenshots that were out for the 3DS. Starting off with this new Mario Kart game.
It was seen as a tech demo at E3, but we know there's a game in development already. The most common request being getting rid of the rubberband AI in the game (i.e. blue shells), but whether that gets fixed or not I don't really bother. Hey, there's no other way for the people at the back to catch up, right?
Heey, isn't that....Wuhu Island? Wii Sports Resort themed track! YES! There's even Miis in the's like the cycling race all over again, only much faster.
Not bad, right? Looks a bit jaggy, hopefully that gets fixed soon.
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