Friday, June 11, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 3

Written by pikaby

Three more from the same issue of CoroCoro. HOLY-

Today's a good day, isn't it? Very nice~

Let's see now, these aren't as lovable as our four friends on the first page, but at least they aren't as ugly looking or over-dependant on 'new evolutions of old Pokemon', as in the Sinnoh generation.

-Top corner is an aggressive Fire-type, Hihidaruma. Ability is Encourage, whatever that is.
-On the right, the first Zebra Pokemon, Shimama, which Electric type? Wow. Its ability is Motor Drive. Like it doesn't look fast enough already. Seen using the new attack Wild Bolt.
-Bottom corner on the left is Meguroco, a Ground/Dark type Crocodile Pokemon.

As if the first scan wasn't enough info! This is amazing. Oh, also, a random battle feature has been added to Wi-fi, and it says here that 'foreign players will join in Spring 2011'. Oh, Pokemon B/W is region free! Rejoice!
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