Sunday, June 27, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - June 27, 2010

Written by pikaby

Two series of flipnotes this week. Which one will it be today?
Cuteness engulfs all who see the picture above. Isn't that right? Wait till you listen to its squeaky voice...oh, how sweet! If you're a cuteness fan worth your salt, you know it's Mamegoma, a baby seal made by San-X. To learn more about him, click here. There are four in the series, and though criminally short (just a simple animation lasting no more than a second each), they have much more heart-melting effect as the other flipnote lasting ten times as more. The above is the first one in the series. I'll only be posting the first two, those are the cutest ones, after all!

For the first one, it's Mamegoma peering out of a box.

PC link:

DSi command code:  Down L X L X L Y X L Y

This is the second one. Someone gently squeezes against Mamegoma, causing him to squeal. Damn adorable! There's a spinoff of this in which Mamegoma is replaced with Kirby, but the sounds remain.

The PC link for this is:

And the DSi command code is: Down L Y Y R right X right R L

All four are imported by Daas, as usual (who has recently changed his name to, he sure does love Phoenix Wright/Kingdom Hearts), and the original creator from Japan being Gomakyu (which is incidentally, the name of another seal. I'll leave you guys to guess for now). To view the other two you can check out Daas' channel: and/or Left down B up down Y Y right

Alright, on to the next series of flips.

Does whatever it says on the tin, and since stickmen are oh-so-appealing in the world of Flipnote, it's only natural that everyone would click on it out of curiosity. And it doesn't disappoint, it's actually pretty funny, and the animation's well done. Creator GameGuy has split the 50 killing methods into two different flipnotes, each holding 25 of them. Since then it's become so popular that he's planning on making more too. Lots of game references and internet memes are in here. Holy Hand Grenade FTW!

For the first one:
DSi command: Up A A X up left down up X Y

For the second one:
DSi command: R R R left down L left A X X

Both have blue stars and a crapload of red ones, and hundreds of thousands of regular yellow stars. Proof that making one masterpiece is way better than making a hundred useless flipnotes.

Great flips this week! And there's more coming your way next time too! See you on the next frame.
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