Thursday, June 3, 2010

I got Mario Galaxy 2!

Written by pikaby

My mate toadster101 has already reviewed Mario Galaxy 2 (perfect score too. Just like nearly every other critic..isn't it harder not to give Mario Galaxy 2 a perfect score?) but I got the game late. Except for the trailers and 'transmissions' Nintendo drip-fed me I've kept myself completely spoiler-free from this game, so I'm ready to explore! My first impressions with the game:

-The graphics and level design blow the top off my head

I didn't even have to TRY and pretend to be amazed when I entered the Sky Station Galaxy for the first time. I'd read a few previews off the magazines, and I hovered over the first Star's stage name...'Peewee Piranha'. Just like in the magazine. I had goosebumps all over. The Sky Station was filled with Galaxy's typical swelling, bombastic orchestra. That theme music is irresistable no matter how many times you listen to it, and to actually be able to control Mario by yourself while that theme is playing in the back...Pure bliss. The level structure had certainly evolved a lot from Galaxy 1 while staying true to the 'planetoids in space' theme, and introduced so many new things you'll be wondering if this has any connection with Galaxy 1 at all.  Well, being set in space, the limits of creativity are thrown out the window. My jaw was on the floor the whole time, and I didn't realize it was there till Peewee Piranha was no more and I went to Starship Mario.

-Picture book opening. Lovely!

Same old story, Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario goes save her. But this takes place in an interactive 2D plane. As the story is displayed through text and flipping pages, you control Mario through it at your own pace and gather Star Bits. You won't know you've even entered the game until you hit the + button and find out you can pause. It's not a cutscene anymore, but a cutscene you can control. Nice touch. Also Bowser has been taking speech classes- he's getting a whole lot more witty by the day.

-Starship Mario isn't bad at all

It's empty at first, but gather your first few stars and people start to populate it, namely the Toad Brigade (again), Yoshi, and some other Lumas and a space bunny. It's a gathering of tutorials/free 1-ups on a small hub world, for a free trial run of your moves before you head out for real. Too bad you don't get to mount Yoshi from here and bring him to the galaxies you visit. There's a secret engine room if you look hard enough- though it won't be such a secret anymore about 6 stars in. Also, Lubba, the chubby purple Luma, cracks a ton of bad jokes, but doles out helpful hints and gives you the what's what about happenings at the starship.

-Hungry Lumas are still the most adorable things ever

Speaking of chubby Lumas, you'll run into one of these cute little things early in the game. Same pink, round body and smiley face, same squeaky voices, and same voracious appetite. So cute to see them getting fatter as you force Star Bits down their gob, I can't help but blush! Beware- Hungry Lumas want coins instead of Star Bits inside the galaxies, and being harder to find than Star Bits, they can be a pain. Still really, really cute though. Wonder what happened to the 'burst with snacky happiness' thing they keep saying (in Galaxy 1)? The cutest part of their speech was omitted from Galaxy 2.

-Comet Medals?

Been gathering them left and right from the galaxies, but I still have no idea what they do. I know they're supposed to open up hidden levels and challenges, but when do I get to that? Two stars in one Galaxy isn't quite enough. Well, I guess that's the price for staying spoiler-free up till now.

I have 15 stars as of time of writing. Only 225 more to go, and it's going to be one epic trek from one crazy, creative idea to another.
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