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Pokemon Black/White Japanese Release Date!

Written by pikaby

Speculation has it pinpointed at the end of the year. The most recent Pokemon Sunday video says 'not so'. Also a ton of new Black/White stuff in this blog post, so click to read all of it!

From the video above (this is like crack for Pokefans isn't it?), the official release for Pokemon Black/White in Japan is...!

September 18, 2010

Mark it down, howling Japanese fans and fellow importers! May we all meet online on that date, courtesy of the marked up online system(which I still have no idea about the details and I don't really plan to find out- want to keep it less complicated until it's released~). You'll notice a few new things in the vid, namely the new cutscene-like parts and some new characters. Probably the villain and your rival. There's a woman named Charen...who the hell is she? Gym Leader? Not exactly-check out where you are when battling her. That looks nothing like a gym. It's a small house of some sort.

Also from Pokebeach, are some scans of the main region of Isshu, plus 13 points of interest of the map, which Pokebeach has translated.

1) A blast furnace? There is something like melted iron.
A building with the unique shape of a bee's nest. It looks like there is a lava-like material here and there... Also, if you look at the full map, there is a place where you can see what appears to be something like red lava! It's man-made, so maybe it's a type of blast furnace for melting iron.

2) A town at the mouth of a river with a drawbridge.
There are many bridges around the Isshu Region which is abundant with rivers. The red drawbridge in the picture also stands out pretty well on the map. At the base of the bridge is something that resembles a crane and also a lighthouse, so this place could be a port city.

3) A theme park-type facility.
There is a facility that looks to be a theme park with a Ferris Wheel?

4) A sand storm raging in a desert?
A place like a desert with blowing sand. It's hard to see far due to the sand, but there appear to be trainers here and there. If you look a little below center of the map, there is a vast desert. Maybe this could be it. There appears to be a ghost town buried in sand on the map, could this also be a place in the adventure!?

5) An airfield?
There is a runway on the left side of the map!? Could it be an airfield? Maybe you can get on an airplane and enjoy an adventure in the sky. Also, directly above that is a building that looks like a tower. The tower has a spiral staircase and gives off an old-fashioned feeling.

6) Two windmills?
Around where the land looks like a staircase, there are two buildings with the same shape. If you look good at them, there are propeller-like things attached to them making them like windmills. A very relaxed scenery, could they be generating power?

7) Two-tone color town.
A little above the center of the map is a little strange place. Looking at it, the two-tone color town is separated into left as brown and right as light blue. You can also see a big majestic building in the center... What could this place be?

8) Ancient ruins?! There is a building that could be some ancient ruins on the place that looks like a rock mountain at the farthest top of the center of the map. On the staircase shaped rock mountain you can see several cave-like holes. Maybe the inside is a complicated maze.

9) What's in the center?
There is a lake at the center of the map with a big island at the center of it. If you look really closely you can see that the outsides of this island is jagged and looks like it's man-made. At the center we can see something in the shape of a spiral, but what could it be...? It's a place full of mysteries.

10) An abandoned factory?
It's hard to see it on the map, but if you look reaaally closely you can see that the walls and ceilings are broken. Last month there was a picture of an abandoned factory that was revealed, could this be it? What sort of Pokemon could be here?

11) The beginning town?
The small town that can be seen in the bottom right of the map. It's as if we've seen this blue roof and the road going around it somewhere before... That's right, it was one of the game pictures during the first announcement! Let's predict that this is the starting point of the adventure and the house with the blue roof is the main character's house!!

12) Sky Arrow Bridge?
"Sky Arrow Bridge" is no doubt the giant bridge that stretches to the city thought to be Hiun City. It seems like this picture is looking towards Hiun City from the eastern opposite bank.

13) The giant city, Hiun City
Hiun City is lined with skyscrapers. Even when looking at the full map, the city's grand appearance stands out. However, directly above this giant city is a ghost town and a vast desert. The contrast is quite interesting.

What do I think? Damn amazing, as usual. Maybe I will find out more about the link-up improvements. I'll try to get back on that as soon as I can.
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