Friday, June 11, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon! 2

Written by pikaby

Wow, updates are fast. Thank you, Pokebeach! Click to see it full size.

Now that we've gotten clearer shots, let's look at all four of them:

-'Giaru', the steel-type Gear Pokemon. It's ability uses Plusle/Minun's old ones (read: useless), Plus or Minus. It's using a new attack, Gear Saucer. Does it do damage? I don't know.
-'Munna', a cute Psychic-type Dream Eater Pokemon. Wait, haven't we heard this before? I hope Drowzee isn't related to this thing. And it sure doesn't seem like it. It has either Forewarn or Synchronize as its ability. It floats in the air too! Dreamy.
-Mamepato, the pigeon Pokemon. Gee, the full shot no longer looks like the O RLY owl...Oh well. This should be the typical 'first Flying type Pokemon', and it's got a good ability too. Super Luck, and something new, called 'Pigeon Breast'. What?
-Chiramii, the Chinchilla Pokemon. Cutest of the four. Gen 5 mascot? Ability is either Cute Charm or Technician(competitive potential with this one), and is seen with a new attack, Sweep Slap.

On the bottom, the link-up screen. Hopefully with reduced trading time(multiple trades get very, very cumbersome when you have to wait like 5 minutes for each one). The new Pokedex on the bottom right, and now a clear shot of our Professor Araragi! Well isn't she the least serious professor of the lot.

Is this great or what? I'm spazzing out!

P.S. Pokemon Black/White will be featured in this year's World Hobby Fair in Japan, at which point a brand new video with gameplay footage will be out.
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