Friday, June 4, 2010

Dead Space Extraction to be released on PS3, X360?

Written by pikaby

Image from Kotaku

It seemed like only yesterday that Dead Space Extraction was released. I was so looking forward to it....and then I forgot about it. Must be the excitement of playing Pokemon Platinum and Wii Sports Resort at the time. I'm guessing mostly everyone playing a Nintendo system (except for those who actually like shooters and own a Wii at the same time, which isn't the best combination ever) would prefer the same games as me over games like this. On-rails can be fun, but it just wasn't interesting enough for me. Or the rest of the casual gamers club.

Apparently EA Montreal understands that now. It seems more likely that it could be released in full HD on the consoles which the series originally made its debut, which seems fitting, and due to it's on-rails nature, carry a budget price tag. Found on NeoGAF.

Oh well, I was going to buy it when it came out but since the chance already passed by and I'm not really that into shooters, so be it then. PS3 and X360 owners will be happy.
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