Friday, June 11, 2010

Pokemon Black/White New Pokemon!

Written by pikaby

Jesus, as they get leaked bit by bit I'm going to run out of ideas for blog titles. Maybe I'll name the next one 'New Pokemon! 2'. Yeah, I'll do that. And bring back the B/W Pokemon header.

Anyway, early leaked images from CoroCoro, found on Remember they were going to give a big reveal on June 12? Well, it's out in the open now. There should be clearer images a few days later (that'll have to be toadster's job), but for now, take a gander at these!

There were details on Pokebeach. I'll put them over here in point form. The ones with asterisks * are still unconfirmed rumors at this point.

-Just a few hours ago, three new Pokemon were rumored to be in Gen 5, one looking like a piece of cotton, one looks like a dog, and the other has two feet.
-And after that few hours passed the leaked scans you see above were shown at Pokebeach...
-The professor for this region is Professor Araragi, the first female professor in the series. One tradition broken. I don't know if it's the name of a tree yet, but who knows? At this point anything's possible.
*The story this time may not involve collecting eight badges. Two traditions broken
-The white Pokemon with the big ears is Chiramii, a Chinchilla Pokemon. Also a known fact that it's the first 5th Gen Pokemon that didn't cause a 'OMG this Pokemon looks horrible!' revolt for me. In fact it's damn cute! If this is the Bidoof of this generation (i.e. the first Normal type to appear in the grass), then I'm gonna have a damn good time.Also, it's ability is either Cute Charm or Technician. Cute Charm is nice, but Technician? Quick Attack STAB with x2 boost! Yeahh..
-The pink-colored one in the first, blurry picture is called Munna. More may be known about this one later on. Also pretty cute and non-threatening.
-The third, enlarged picture is a pigeon Pokemon. (name unknown as of yet) Looks like the O RLY owl. Probably the Starly of Gen 5.(the first Flying type to appear in the grass)
*Your father is an explorer, and you have the ability to excavate ruins.
*Triple battles. Yes, you heard right.
*There are about 150 new Pokemon and the evil team is called Team Plasma (man, how droll. Better US name, please)
*Reshiram is Ice/Dragon, and Zekrom is Electric/Dragon, and supposedly both can change their types in battle. Transformers/Gundam relationship confirmed!

Chiramii, and Munna. Got it? Get used to them! And drool at all the new details too!

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