Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Underrated Wii/DS games

Written by pikaby

Like it or not, there are bound to be good games that are overlooked by the masses, become fan favorites of only a small group of gamers, and then disappear from existence completely. It's like that underappreciated piece of art that had so much effort put into it, but no one likes it. Quite a confidence breaker especially if you're the maker of said game. Hard work gone to waste. And to five of them, I extend my helping hand to help your games get noticed by a larger pool of gamers(yeah right :P). BUY THESE FIVE GAMES DAMMIT.

Here goes nothing. Five awesome games I've played but almost no one else does.


Overlooked when it was on the PS2, and again overlooked on its Wii remake, this is an awe-inspiring Zelda style adventure game with terrific stylish graphics animated on flowing scrolls and brush strokes. The overworld is huge, the Japanese mythology based story is tense, fresh and exciting, with a grand soundtrack to match, and the game's not short, for once. Not many people have played this wonder, but those who have will fall completely in love with it. It simply must not be missed. Like Krabby Patties from Spongebob, the only people who don't like Okami have obviously never played it before.

Big Bang Mini (DS)

One of the most clever usage of the stylus and dual screens in a while, and a never-before-seen innovation on the tired old 2D shooter genre, this sees the control of your ship and the bullets you fire being completely independent of one another. Each world has its own creative trick and a wildly wide variety of graphical styles. And every one of them look very competent and pull out the very best from the DS's limited specs. Gameplay modes are aplenty to keep you occupied for a while....and you can get it for cheap!

de Blob (Wii)

Another creative powerhouse overflowing with ideas that's just waiting to be valued by everyone. In a grey, emotionless town, you're tasked with giving it color and breathing life and festivity into it, like some of those paint ads and mobile phone ads that guarantee to 'bring color to your life'. You actually get a sense of achievement when you look back on the stage about half an hour later and notice how far it's transformed. The gangsta vibe could be toned down though, some people see it as a turn-off, like you're vandalising the town instead of saving it. Still, great game.

Picross DS

The epitome of simple addictive puzzlers, you fill in a grid based on the numbered instructions on the side to reveal a picture. There's over 200 puzzles to solve, and they get progressively bigger and harder. Don't knock it, it's not that hard to make sense of, and once you start, you won't stop. One huge difficult puzzle is all you need to while off a boring half-an-hour. And new downloadable puzzles over Wi-fi are still being added on as we speak, even though it was released way back in 2008. Picross DS is fantastic value for money.

Dewy's Adventure (Wii)

One wonders what happened to Konami's creative and offbeat Elebits team of game developers after this game. Dewy's Adventure does everything right- controls are pretty well despite what most people have said to the contrary, clean, colorful graphics, one of my favorite traits in any game, and an adorable mascot to top it all off. Come on, cuteness isn't 'just for kids', it's for everyone! It's just 'more kid-friendly' is all.
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