Friday, April 16, 2010

Tohjo Falls has a secret...

Written by Pokefreak

And it pertains to the Celebi event being given out in japanese theatres at the movie premier. Who knew that's where that man was hiding? A rumour to the area to fight him? Can we do it again?

Be warned. This post contains MAJOR spoilers for the event. Click "read more" at your own risk.

The Tohjo Falls in HeartGold and SoulSilver is the second last cave you venture through before the Pokemon League. You basically just use Waterfall twice and you're out of it. But is that really it? Is that all the cave was meant to do? Not. At. All.

On a separate note, the Celebi Event. This event has you bring a Celebi to the Ilex Forest Shrine. Ethan/Lyra will show up after you do, and spin you back in time. You'll end up at Route 22, the path to Victory Road from Kanto. You and your partner will look around and notice that something is different. As you look around, you'll see Silver (your rival) talking to a man in a black suit with a fedora. It looks very similar to the disguise Petrel used in Mahogany Town. Why? That man is Giovanni. Team Rocket's previous leader and ex-Gym Leader for Viridian City.

After Silver yells at Giovanni, it's revealed that they are father and son. Giovanni heads off to the west, while Silver heads south, past you and Ethan/Lyra. Celebi will warp you again and you'll appear inside a cave. All alone, except for the man in the black suit and fedora.

Giovanni will notice you, and explain the radio beside him. It's playing the Rocket broadcast that Archer gave out during the last fight against Team Rocket. Giovanni will talk, then you fight him. His team is in their 40s in level, so it should be no problem. After this, you get warped back to the Ilex Forest. If you want to watch the event iteself, click here.

Everything seems back to normal. So what was the point of this blog? The cave where you fought Giovanni. That's the big point.

Back in the Tohjo Falls, while you couldn't tell, you fought Giovanni there. If you head to the Tohjo Falls from the Pokemon League, you'll enter backwards. Before you fly up any waterfalls, look to the right of the waterfall. There should be a small stairway there. Surf to it and follow it until you're behind the second waterfall (the one you originally had to climb to get to the League). If you look closely, there should be a cave opening there. Head inside.

You'll be in a small room with a radio and a few Rock Smash boulders. But this is where the fight against Giovanni took place. Small little easter egg? Maybe... There have been rumors about if you could find it again after the event, you could re-fight Giovanni. He'd be there occasionally. This is very similar to the Arceus event cheat.

If anyone can get an event Celebi, check after this for me. Better yet, trade me the Celebi and I'll do it for you!


  1. I have one question...
    will this event go to Australia, or are we going to miss out?


  2. There's no set date anywhere. All we know is it's in Japanese theatres. So hope you get lucky on the GTS.


  3. I've had a look at the video and I have a question, 'Do you get the Celebi at level 70?'