Saturday, April 24, 2010

WarioWare D.I.Y. Review!

Written by PF

Wait, why the hell is Pokefreak writing this? Shouldn't CRAZ or Toadster write it? Bah, whatever.
An FYI, I'm not going into the tutorials about how everything works. They're so many, it'd take up the entire review, AND THEN SOME. I'll leave the explaining to Wario and Penny.
Let's start off with the core. WarioWare D.I.Y. is not your average WarioWare game. In fact, it's focus isn't playing the games at all! It's meant for MAKING your own games! You heard me! You get to make your very own microgame! After I heard that, I was hooked. You can make and create anything in your microgame. From the background to the AI to the music, anything is possible.

The MakerMatic (creative, eh?) does it all! And I mean DOES IT ALL.

The main feature is, of course, making the games. Let's start with the artsy-fartsy drawing stuff. As Nintendo has been nice enough, everything is made much easier. Every drawing to make is as easy as using MS Paint. Making the background is a flick of the stylus away. Making the AI is exactly like drawing a texture in Animal Crossing. Each drawing is pixellated, so you can expect making many old NES characters like Mario, Link and MegaMan to be a breeze. While drawing freehand can be difficult, you can easily undo any mistakes.

Making music is a big part of any game. And making music here is a blast... as long as you know what you're doing. If you know what to do, you should have no problem. But making music, even if trying to remake some classic themes, can be very challenging if you aren't musically inclined. But once you get going with something in it, you just can't stop. There are dozens of instruments and hundreds of orchestras to piece together. Making the music is almost as great as the games. And if you have trouble making music the maestro can make some for you.

                                                Making the music for a game. It's less complicated than it looks.

You can also make music in record format. This is done the exact same way, but it's over 20x as long a runtime for music. And there's no maestro in it, so you're on your own entirely. You can import music from other microgames and records if you like.

Another addition is you can create a four-panel comic book. This is drawing four pictures that share a joke with each other. The drawing methods are the same as making a background for a game, however you can only use black and white for colors. If you aren't a great artist, you might have some trouble. But it's still a great concept and works very well.

As much as I rave about it, some parts of the game are just annoying. For starters, many art buttons used for stamps and such are similar. I often find myself choosing the wrong button over and over again. The second problem is after you've completed a microgame, you can't go back and fix a bug in it. This annoys me, especially since I have many great games that are incredibly flawed by one spec.

Overall, WarioWare D.I.Y. is a great game, and worth a purchase for anyone with a DS. If you don't enjoy making your own game, this pack also comes preloaded with dozens of microgames made by the creators of the game themselves.

Score: 8.5/10



  1. And for everything the AI code can't do, there's always a way to improvise and work around it. It's infinitely clever and encourages you to be creative for once.