Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pokemon Ranger:Tracks of Light final two Special Missions

Written by pikaby

The final pieces of extra content for Pokemon Ranger 3 has landed! And they feature legendaries that can't be traded over to your DS....damn. Still worth a play though, especially since one of them features a never-before-seen (officially) legendary Pokemon.
Two new missions will be available for download over the Ranger Net starting today, April 15th 2010, and will end on....actually, there's no information on when it'll end, but download it quick if you have the game anyways.

The two missions are Giratina's Griseous Orb and Arceus' Pledge. Yep, for the first time in a spin-off game, Arceus is featured (no, that statue at the end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon doesn't count). They won't be transferrable to the main Pokemon RPGs.

Tracks of Light has had a good run, for a game like that. Good work.
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