Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reggie Fils-Aime: 3DS is 'our next handheld platform'

Written by pikaby

This should clear up any doubts on the 3DS' position. Maybe.
Reggie mentions in Business Week that 3DS is Nintendo's official next handheld platform, one step up from the DS, and will have a completely new set of games for it. Kinda like DS is a seperate handheld from the GBA and not a remake of the same console.

Gamers will be dying of obviousness, but remember: there are a lot of people who have been confused- is this a brand new console or just another reskin of the same DS we've been playing for five years? How many times does Nintendo plan to rip us off?! And so on. It's tanks to no part to Nintendo remaking the DS so many times. I bet Sony'll face the same conundrum when it tries to release a PSP2, since PSP1 also has had its fair share of remakes.

Nintendo will reveal the thing on E3 this June, and says it'll be the biggest handheld release since 2004. Er...well, since the DS then. Was the GBA "the biggest handheld release" since 1996? (when the Game Boy Color debuted) A load of pep talk, this.

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