Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two adorable download-only games

Written by pikaby

Just looking at them gets me all excited and stuff. One is already out, the other doesn't have a release date yet. One is DSiWare, the other is for XBox Live Arcade (thus explaining why I can't get either one of them). Both are downloadable from online services only, are both puzzle game, andhave characters so cute I just want to cuddle them XD

The first game is Dodo Go! for DSiWare!

Dead as a dodo? Neko Entertainment seems not to think so. They've reversed time to when the dodo bird still existed and now you're changing history by protecting their eggs and preventing their extinction! (Heavy-handed task right there)The eggs are the cutest things I've ever seen. You can soothe them when they're crying and apply bandages when they crack, in addition to the puzzle-platforming to protect them which forms the main crux of the gameplay. Draw platforms and all manner of things, roll them to safety, out of the way of egg-devouring predators and giant stomping feet. It's almost like Pikmin, only the eggs can't do anything to save your life. You can even unlock costumes for the eggs! How cute is that? 800 points, this!

The XBLA game(which is even more impossible for me to get than any DSiWare game) is ilomilo! Game titles are getting stranger by the day, aren't they.

I know it's not a NIntendo game, but this is so stylish and creative(well, in terms of aesthetics anyway) I just had to feature it. Only just recently announced by a budding dev group SouthEnd for XBox Live Arcade, the gameplay is pretty much an unknown, but it involves manouvering around cube-shaped platforms(which could double as cushions, they all look so soft), rotating angles and stuff, perhaps to get to a goal and reunite the red and blue characters (which I assume are called Ilo and Milo, obvious ain't it?)
I might say, these are the best graphics I've ever seen in a puzzle game. Not that the puzzle genre needs complex graphics to succeed. Check out the wonderfully arty trailer for ilomilo. Even the enemies and background objects have cute faces on them. This is....argh...I love it!

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