Monday, April 19, 2010

Monster Hunter Tri gameplay videos

Written by pikaby

Iwata wasn't kidding when he said Monster Hunter Tri's visuals put the Zelda team to shame. It looks more impressive than almost anything else on the Wii bar Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy.

With the official release date of this game for the US so close now I thought I'd pull a few gameplay videos from Youtube. Remember, online is free in US (pay-to-play in Japan), except for extra content which you buy with Nintendo Points, and does not use the antiquated Friend Code system. You get to keep a roster of friends with your ID name like you do in every other game for X360/PS3. Looks like it isn't just in the visuals department that Nintendo needs to buck up on.

The one problem I can foresee.....loading screen cuts in too frequently and abruptly. Ruins some of the atmosphere. Still hyped, though, it's like Pokemon, but instead of catching them all you find and kill them all. Every monster feels like a boss. Epic.
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