Sunday, April 11, 2010

pikaby's Flipnote Feature! - April 11, 2010

Written by pikaby

Aside from the megaton announcement that was Pokemon, nothing much going on Nintendo-wise. But anyway! Which flipnote(s) am I featuring today?
Today's featured flipnote is titled 'Mission of a Miko'. You can watch it here

The flipnote is made by MioRaia (DS Flipnote ID contains non-ASCII characters, so this is the PC username), and as you can figure from the preview shot above, yet another gleefully adorable flip. Guess I'm just good at finding cute things.

The flip involves a girl who looks kinda like a Shinto priestess with big, cute eyes, and she goes deeper into some temple purifying ghosts and spirits with charms, and this is all very fluidly animated, a rarity on Flipnote Hatena. To the deepest room she goes, where she reveals her true purpose- to find her lost pet dog. More cuteness ensues.

Surprisingly enough, Mission of a Miko is made in the US despite its Japanese presentation and superb quality. Guess I underestimated flipnote makers outside of Japan, as there really are a few gems everywhere you look. This is one of them. And its gotten over 20,000 stars, including one red star.

For DSi users, the command code for this flipnote is:  A up right right up B left down A right

Extra for today!

This is yet another current Flipnote Hatena fad, following on the heels of the What's in the Box flipnotes, it also utilizes an interesting feature of the Flipnote Studio software to make a simple game.

In this game, the option to loop a flipnote endlessly is used to create a roulette game. You play the flipnote on your DSi, and stop at any time you want, then it will stop on that frame. Just as pointless as the box-erasing game, but pretty creative. I've already seen three or four of these, and it's barely been 3 days after my first discovery of it!

The sample flipnote shown above can be found here:

And DSi users can play the roulette using this command code: Up up Y A down right BY R B

Note that the flipnote doesn't loop on the PC Hatena website, so the only way to play is by using a DSi.

See ya on the next frame!
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