Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WarioWare DIY: Edmund McMillen Made It Too

Written by pikaby

Co-creator of Super Meat Boy, Edmund Mcmillen makes a Meat Boy microgame on Warioware DIY this time! Not to nit pick, but when you've played the game you'll notice some inconsistencies in the AI. Meat Boy, after finishing the game, will keep on running if you tap him a second time.

None of the other Big Name Games were sloppy, so this is quite a minor slip-up on his part. Not to mention the pixel art he made was definitely way behind WayForward Games' offering(the Shantae game). You can literally sense his lack of enthusiasm when making his microgame, as compared to the other big names. Maybe he's just busy, I dunno. Super Meat Boy isn't a Wiiware exclusive anymore, mind. Oh well, another week, another developer game.
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