Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WarioWare DIY: Alex Neuse Made It Too

Written by pikaby

Who's he? He's the one behind the Bit.trip series on WiiWare, and the president of Gaijin Games, one of the more illustrious indie developers to come out in recent years. And now he's making a microgame on WarioWare DIY. Thank him then, that his microgame's got something to do with the games he's actually made.

And this is the video, showing you his microgame. He calls it Fire Bad, featuring Commander Video from Bit.trip Runner. In it you make him jump past flames to a goal point. And he finished in just under an hour. Like he said, he's real lucky he designed a character that was so damn easy to draw.

Bit.trip Runner should be out on WiiWare this summer, right around E3's doorstep.
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