Friday, April 16, 2010

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver helps DS sales

Written by pikaby

And bringing the DS/Wii sales up together with it. Okay so it might not have anything to do with the Wii, but they're still Nintendo.
In a month where the DS and the Wii are losing out to Sony week by week in terms of sales in its native country, Japan(thanks to a few killer apps the PS3 had up its sleeve, Yakuza 4 and Hokuto no Ken), the two Nintendo consoles are still ahead of the pack in the US, buoyed no doubt by the release of the DSi XL, and Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, which proved once again that the decade-old formula is still a system seller.

Figures by NPD put the DS at sales of 708,000 units for March, followed by 557, 500 for the Wii. Here are the hardware figures:
  • Nintendo DS - 700,800
  • Wii - 557,500
  • Xbox 360 - 338,400
  • PlayStation 3 - 313,900
  • PSP - 119,900
  • PlayStation 2 - 118,300
And the software figures, with Pokemon HG/SS somewhere near the top, and the list topped out with God of War 3.
  1. God of War III (PS3) / Sony / 1.10M
  2. Pokemon SoulSilver Version (NDS) / Nintendo of America / 1.02M
  3. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) / Square Enix / 828.2K
  4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360) / Electronic Arts / 825.5K
  5. Pokemon HeartGold Version (NDS) / Nintendo of America / 761.2K
  6. Final Fantasy XIII (360) / Square Enix / 493.9K
  7. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) / Nintendo of America / 457.4K
  8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3) / Electronic Arts / 451.2K
  9. Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board (Wii) / Nintendo of America / 429.6K
  10. MLB 10: The Show (PS3) / Sony / 349.2K 
Hey, what happened to Modern Warfare 2? Er....I think I'll leave that topic alone.

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